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Felix, Robin and Becky

Sound machines with heartbeat sound

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This is not just a comforter, this super soft blanket can hold your pacifier and also play several soothing melodies: heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sound and a loop of lullabies. Switches of by itself after 10 minutes and the cry sensor will make sure it is turned back on when your little one starts crying.

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Meet Felix, Robin and Becky

3 super soft comforters with soothing melodies

Felix the fox

Clever Felix knows exactly how to comfort little ones. By being irresistibly soft and musical.

Robin the racoon

Little roguish Robin, the dare devil. He has no fear and will accompany you where ever you go.

Becky the bunny

Our huggable Becky… Who can withstand her softness and angel-like voice.

comforter blanket

Extra large and soft as a feather

sound machine

Play heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sounds or a loop of lullabies.

heartbeat sound & white noise

Newborns don’t need silence. After having spent 9 months in uterus where sounds of blood flow and heartbeat can get louder than a vacuum cleaner, babies will calm down and sleep better with sounds familiar from uterus.

Auto off

shuts off automatically after 10 minutes

cry sensor

Will switch the sound back on upon crying

variable volume

The volume can be set to your desired level

pacifier holder

No more lost pacifiers!


after removing the sound module


‘’Mein Sohn wird ganz ruhig, wenn er das Herzschlaggeräusch seines Robins hört. Wir gehen nirgendwo ohne ihn hin’’


‘’Wir haben unserer Tochter den Schnuller auf Felix gelegt und sie schafft es jetzt, ihn selbständig zu finden.’’


‘’Becky's Herzschlag und weißes Rauschen sind ein Lebensretter. Meine Tochter beruhigt sich sofort, wenn sie das Geräusch hört.’’


Research shows that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily than baby’s, who do not hear white noise. In addition to white noise, heartbeat sounds takes stress away from baby’s, which makes them calm down and sleep better.



35 cm x 35 cm x 8 cm
Polyester and ABS
3 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
The plush can be washed when the sound module is removed from the pocket
ZAZU products are tested according to the international safety regulations

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