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Lex, Zack and Elli

Nightlight with auto shut-off

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bedtime is fun with these tumbler lights. Give them a push and they will switch the light ON/OFF and come back upright. Choose your favorite colour nightlight: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise green or multi-colour. After 30 minutes the light will automatically switch off. Powered by a rechargeable battery.

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Meet lex, zack and Elli

3 playful tumblers with nightlight

Lex the lion

Roarrrr…….just kidding. Lex is the sweetest lion you have ever met.

Zack the zebra

Zack loves to wobble around. He cannot sit still.

Elli the elephant

Elli can make a 360 by swinging his long trout. Can you do the same?

Tumble fun

These friends will always come back upright, no matter how hard you try. With every tumble the light will switch ON or OFF


A multi colour nightlight: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise green or multi-colour.

Auto off

After 30 minutes the light will automatically switch off.


plush cover can be washed


‘’Ein wirklich verspieltes Nachtlicht. Wackelt hin und her - an und aus.’’


‘’Die wiederaufladbare Batterie hat eine so lange Laufzeit! Toll’’


‘’Mein Sohn liebt seinen kleinen wackelnden Freund! Er mag es, wie das Licht an und aus geht.’’


Research shows that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily than baby’s, who do not hear white noise. In addition to white noise, heartbeat sounds takes stress away from baby’s, which makes them calm down and sleep better.



7 cm x 7 cm x 12 cm
Child-safe ABS; LED
USB cable included (Input: 5V, 500mA)
Rechargeable Li-ion battery included
ZAZU products have been tested according to the international safety regulations

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